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Technical Support Policy


Support Tickets

To contact support, use our online support ticket system available through your online account. If you can not access your online account, contact us via e-mail:

Support Levels

Technical support via e-mail offered for licensed systems and subscriptions. Optional telephone support is available with some products, as well as on a per-incident basis.

Server or network downtime can be costly. When you subscribe to Level II or Level III technical support, you get that extra level of insurance for those worst case scenarios:

  • Recovering from a hardware failure
  • Restoring a RAID hard disk
  • Managing mail bombs and dictionary attacks
  • Helping with other unforeseen circumstances
  Level I Level II Level III
Description: Level I support is included with all subscription software and services. It is designed to assist individuals with the initial installation and configuration of the server. Anything that cannot be configured from the web-based administration tool would be considered outside the scope of this support level. Level II covers more advanced configurations for specific client requirements. The user should have basic knowledge of Linux commands or be comfortable allowing a Point Clark Networks' administrator/developer to have remote access in instances where information or changes to configuration files can not be done through the web-based administration tool. Level III is intended for those individuals or businesses requiring rapid response and problem resolution (i.e. where downtime significantly impacts business productivity). The scope of level III supports includes customized modifications to core software to achieve specific client objectives.
Hours of Operation: 10am - 7pm EST 10am - 7pm EST 10am - 7pm EST
Response Time: 1 day 6 hours 3 hours
Support Offered: E-mail E-mail, Remote Access E-mail, Remote Access, Phone
Price: included $US 250.00 per year $US 750.00 per year


Technical support hours of operation are shown in the previous section. The support system is monitored during weekends and holidays (Canadian Holidays + Ontario Holidays), but response times will vary.

Telephone Support

Telephone support is included with Technical Support Level III -- see "Support Levels" above.

  Partner Network

Do you require support outside the scope of the 30-day installation plan? Use our Partner Network to access the expertise you need to install, configure and/or manage a ClarkConnect system. Our partners offer ad-hoc hourly support and consulting, as well as regular system administration plans.

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