Transition Information

For those of you who missed the announcements regarding the ClarkConnect / Point Clark Networks acquisition, you can find a summary here.

Detailed information about the transition is below, while information about transitioning subscriptions and services is here.  ClarkConnect maintenance information is on the right.

If you still have questions, feel free to create a support request and we would be happy to help!


ClarkConnect Maintenance

ClarkConnect is built on a mature and stable Linux platform.  We certainly recognize that there is a large install base administered by users who are happy with the status quo.  In that spirit, we will continue to provide help, support and renewals for existing users until the product end-of-life.  Among other resources available on this web site, you can still find:

Transition Details

The following summarizes the important changes for your old ClarkConnect accounts and subscriptions.

Important Note

Online Account

For your convenience, the user accounts on the old online login have been copied over to the new ClearCenter portalOnly the user information has been copied over.  Domains, subscriptions and services in your old ClarkConnect account are still in your old ClarkConnect account!



Migrating Subscriptions from ClarkConnect to ClearCenter

If you plan on upgrading to ClearOS, you can migrate existing subscriptions and support options to ClearCenter.  More information on this topic is here.

Forum Account

Did you participate in the old ClarkConnect forums?  If so, your ClarkConnect forum account may have already been migrated to the new ClearFoundation Community.

  • If you logged into the forums between January 1, 2008 and September 14, 2009, your account has already been activated!  You can reset your password here.


  • If you created an account after September 14, 2009, then you will need to create a new account.

  • If you had a forum account but were inactive, then your account was moved but is disabled.  Please contact us to re-enable the account.


If you have registered a domain in your ClarkConnect account, you can move to the new ClearCenter portal at no cost.  Please login to your ClarkConnect account and navigate to "DNS --> Move Domain to ClearSDN". It will automatically be moved to your ClearSDN account (same username/password) as your ClarkConnect account.

ASP Antispam/Antivirus Services

For those of you subscribed to the ASP Antispam or ASP Antivirus service, you should know that ClearCenter no longer offers these services.  The ASP services will be replace by an integrated Google Postini solution in 2010 -- a better solution at a better price.

Antivirus and Antispam Updates

You may have noticed that ClearCenter now offers two new services:

These two now services provide additional protection to the already existing open source updates provided in ClearOS.

ClearOS Community Edition?

ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 does not have any restrictions or limitations.  For this reason, a separate Community Edition is not required!