Updates and Errata

Software updates are installed via the automatic update system or manually through the web-based administration tool.  You can view technical information about updates by following the adjacent link on this web page.

Software Updates / Errata

Select your version to view the available updates.


Enterprise MD5Sum Size
Enterprise 5.0 Download 00e24683d46a112d1b30d6c9191c5b88 596 MB
Enterprise 4.3 Download 54d991c8e74930696254f1ac7118e9bb 514 MB
Enterprise 4.2 SP1 Download c6977e8193f18e111b08fd0bc31a5320 488 MB
Enterprise 4.1 SP1 Download 53c9b037282b3fd423bc9780692ae793 455 MB
Enterprise 4.0 SP1 Download d5347f8b74982eac4b568d7c21f484b3 435 MB
Office MD5Sum Size
Office 4.2 SP1 Download 0f430386976fc0ee894ca6621a6e28a2 488 MB
Office 4.1 SP1 Download ae2bba9ff2d567e20477deef3216dc3f 454 MB
Office 4.0 SP1 Download c55f78b33abcd3f14d7eaf541e7e2d5c 435 MB
SP = Service Pack   /   What is a Service Pack?

Source Code

Source code is available for download.  You can find the source code in the sources directory for each version.  To save disk space, only differences from the previous version are included.  In other words, the source code for your version might be located in an earlier version.  If you have any requests for source code, or even need some help with building an RPM, please contact us at contribs@clarkconnect.com.