ClarkConnect Community Edition: Bug Fix Advisories

The following is a list of available updates for your system.  You can install the updates via the web-based configuration tool.

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Type ID Synopsis Date>
CCBA-2007:104 Recommended: Firewall update 2007-11-02
CCBA-2007:105 Critical: LAN backup and restore update 2007-11-02
CCBA-2007:106 Recommended: Status information update 2007-11-02
CCBA-2007:107 Critical: Flexshare upgrade update 2007-11-02
CCBA-2007:108 Critical: Database log engine update 2007-12-05
CCBA-2008:113 Critical: Antivirus engine update 2008-01-15
CCBA-2008:121 Recommended: Tcpdump network traffic analyzer security update 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:125 Recommended: Audit reporting bug fix 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:126 Recommended: Glibc C system library bug fix 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:127 Recommended: Telnet bug fix 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:128 Recommended: Parted partitioning tool bug fix 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:129 Recommended: RPM software manager update 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:130 Recommended: LDAP clients nss_ldap bug fix 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:131 Recommended: Elfutils bug fix 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:132 Recommended: SELinux policy utility bug fix 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:133 Critical: Core utilities bug fix 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:134 Recommended: File monitoring with Gamin bug fix 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:136 Recommended: LVM2 bug fix and feature enhancement 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:137 Recommended: Device mapper bug fix and feature enhancements 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:139 Recommended: Automatic file system mount bug fix 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:140 Recommended: Terminal screen update 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:143 Recommended: Bash shell bug fix and feature enhancement 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:144 Recommended: Keyboard and console bug fix 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:145 Recommended: Man pages bug fix 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:146 Recommended: TCP security wrappers bug fix 2008-02-05
CCBA-2008:147 Recommended: Gzip file compression bug fix 2008-02-20
CCBA-2008:148 Recommended: Embedded database / Berkeley DB bug fix 2008-02-20
CCBA-2008:149 Recommended: Apache portable runtime / apr bug fix 2008-02-20
CCBA-2008:151 Recommended: Slocate file index bug fix 2008-02-20
CCBA-2008:153 Recommended: Kernel loading utility bug fix 2008-02-20
CCBA-2008:155 Recommended: C library bug fix 2008-02-20
CCBA-2008:158 Recommended: Cron system scheduler bug fix 2008-02-20
CCBA-2008:159 Critical: Backup restore bug fix 2008-02-26
CCBA-2008:160 Recommended: Firewall bug fix 2008-02-26
CCBA-2008:161 Critical: Flexshare bug fix 2008-02-26
CCBA-2008:162 Critical: Mail archive bug fix 2008-02-26
CCBA-2008:163 Recommended: Backup system bug fix 2008-02-26
CCBA-2008:166 Critical: Content filter bug fix 2008-03-03
CCBA-2008:168 Critical: Mail archive update 2008-03-17
CCBA-2008:174 Critical: Antivirus engine update 2008-07-16
CCBA-2008:184 Critical: Flexshare bug fixes 2008-09-10
CCBA-2009:196 Recommended: AutoFS bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:197 Recommended: Ash shell bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:200 Recommended: Time zone update 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:201 Recommended: Coreutils bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:202 Recommended: Bash shell bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:204 Critical: TIFF graphics library security fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:206 Recommended: OpenSSH update 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:208 Critical: Zip bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:209 Recommended: File utility bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:210 Recommended: ACL bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:211 Recommended: apr utility bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:212 Recommended: Cron bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:213 Recommended: diffutils bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:214 Recommended: setup bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:215 Recommended: System logging bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:216 Recommended: Quota documentation fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:217 Recommended: sed bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:218 Recommended: cryptsetup documentation update 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:219 Recommended: xorg graphics bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:220 Recommended: sysstat bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:221 Recommended: iproute bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:222 Recommended: Software package manager bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:223 Recommended: perl-DBI database bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:224 Recommended: Python bug fix update 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:225 Recommended: Audit bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:226 Recommended: device-mapper bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:227 Recommended: util-linux bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:228 Recommended: unzip bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:229 Recommended: Hardware drivers loader bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:230 Recommended: ImageMagick bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:231 Recommended: cpio bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:232 Recommended: DHCP client bug fix 2009-02-19
CCBA-2009:235 Recommended: Samba update 2009-04-13
CCBA-2009:236 Critical: Mail archive bug fix 2009-04-13
CCBA-2009:242 Recommended: File system tools update 2009-06-01
CCBA-2009:250 Critical: Services update 2009-09-21
CCBA-2009:252 Recommended: device-mapper-multipath update 2009-10-20
CCBA-2009:256 Critical: Suva software update 2009-10-29
CCBA-2009:257 Critical: fetchmail update 2009-10-30
CCBA-2009:264 Recommended: lvm2 bug fix update 2009-10-30