ClarkConnect Metamorphosis... Clear

Hello everyone -- we have some very exciting news to share about ClarkConnect!  In early August, we will be unveiling a new chapter in our history.  What can you expect?  Take what you see today with ClarkConnect and our Gateway Services and add:

  • A renewed commitment to open source and openness
  • New people
  • Additional sales and marketing resources
  • New software features
  • New services
  • New and improved help and documentation (gasp)

With our new resources and capabilities, along with our commitment to the community, customers and partners, we are ready for new and exciting times ahead!  Read on for more details...

New Name, Open Philosophy

For those familiar with the long history of ClarkConnect, you know that we never intended the software solution to grow beyond a few hundred systems.  Nearly 150,000 system registrations later, it's time to turn to the next chapter in our story.  Without further ado, please get ready for ClearOS 5.1 in late 2009!

This is much more than just a name change of course.  With the name change will come a philosophical change.  In the early days of ClarkConnect (2002), we struggled to keep the open source business afloat.  This included using -- what now seems to be ubiquitous in the open source world -- the Community versus Enterprise product differences.  Our growth over the years has given us the freedom to unshackle these restrictions in the true spirit of Open Source Software and drive business revenues from the Service Delivery Network technology that we have been working on for almost 10 years.  Unfortunately, that's about all we can divulge right now.  The details of this transition will be announced over the coming weeks.

Mini FAQ

Will you still be offering a free version?

Absolutely.  In fact, you will see more Enterprise Edition features appear in the free edition in future releases.

Will I be able to upgrade to ClearOS 5.x?

Yes, upgrades from ClarkConnect 4.0 or later will be fully supported.

Are the core ClarkConnect team members like Peter, Ben and Darryl still involved?

Yes.  We'll be able to focus more of our energy on the software and services instead of the sometimes dreary day-to-day business operations.

Commitment to Open Source and Openness

Open source is important to us.  As most of you know, ClarkConnect has always been open source product and ClearOS will certainly continue that tradition.  In fact, we are strengthening our commitment with the creation of ClearFoundation -- a not-for-profit organization to guide and protect the ClearOS software platform. 



This is not just about going through the legal, tax and business mechanics of creating a not-for-profit.  Our intention is to make ClearOS an open project.  For a variety of reasons, we never really developed ClarkConnect as an open platform with external contributions.  We have now thrown that philosophy out the door!  Over the next year, we will migrate all of the ClarkConnect source code over to the ClearFoundation.  Add-ons, feature changes, bug fix patches and contributions of any kind will be welcomed and encouraged.

Products and Services

We also have to run a business of course.  In August, we will unveil ClearCenter at the CompTIA Breakaway event.  ClearCenter will be a company focused on building the best solution for small and distributed environments.  The company will offer:

  • Support packages for ClearOS
  • An expanded Gateway Services offering
  • Hardware appliances and/or hardware certification
  • A launchpad for third party development

Details will be made available at the August unveiling.



Current Subscribers -- So Now What?

So where does that leave current ClarkConnect users?

We understand the philosophy of if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Once ClarkConnect is installed and running, it often becomes a forgotten (but still important!) piece of information technology that just keeps going.  In that spirit, we will continue to honor the renewal of ClarkConnect software and gateway service subscriptions until product end-of-life in 2012/2013.  New subscriptions will be available until November 1, 2009 for those needing the features of ClarkConnect 5.0 today and for those wishing to stay with the ClarkConnect solution.

No price changes, no forced upgrades, no support changes, no hassles.  Same old ClarkConnect.

Some time before November 1, you will be able to take advantage of the new ClearOS 5.1 release along with an expanded list of ClearCenter support options and gateway services.  At your option, any existing ClarkConnect subscriptions will be able to be upgraded to the new ClearOS/ClearCenter system with a similar service level.


We sincerely hope you'll join us as we take our next steps in this exciting journey.  As always, we welcome your input and feedback.

The ClarkConnect Team